Why Peacock Is Our National Bird?

Why Peacock Is Our National Bird – Every country has its own national symbols which reflect the image and dignity of that country. India also has many national symbols and each has its own significance. As the national animal is the tiger and it represents the rich wildlife of the country, there are many reasons behind choosing each national symbol.

Today we are talking about peacock. Peacock, on hearing its name, a beautiful bird with colorful feathers starts appearing and dancing with a crown on its head. When this peacock, which is called the king of birds, spreads its wings and dances, the spectators become mesmerized.

As we said, there are many reasons behind choosing every national symbol. Similarly, there are many reasons for choosing peacock as the national bird, but very few people know about these reasons. So let us know some interesting information about the national bird of India, the peacock, and why was the peacock declared the national bird?

Why Peacock Is Our National Bird?

Various types of animals and birds are found in India. The scientific name of peacock, a member of the ‘Phasianidae’ family, is ‘Pavo cristatus’, which is called ‘Blue Peafowl’ or ‘Peacock’ in English.

Peacock feathers can be up to 5-6 feet long. They have a design similar to the shape of eyes which is often found in blue, red and gold colors. Despite these feathers being so long, peacocks can fly a short distance. They are often found in trees at night and these colorful feathers come in handy in times of danger.

Let us tell you that when the peacock was declared the national bird in 1963, there were many reasons behind it. The peacock was chosen as the national bird because it is completely a part of Indian culture and tradition and the peacock is also considered a symbol of beauty. Due to the amazing beauty of the peacock, the Government of India declared the peacock as the national bird on January 26, 1963.

Apart from this, peacocks are found all over the country, every Indian is well familiar with peacocks. Due to these reasons, peacock was declared the national bird. However, due to some changes in the environment and deforestation, the number of peacocks has started gradually decreasing.

This is how it became the national bird of India

Its beauty is not the only reason behind peacock being chosen as the national bird of India but there are many other reasons due to which it has reached this position. When the national bird of the country was being selected, apart from the peacock, names of many birds were also included in it but only this one was selected.

Madhavi Krishnan had said in one of her articles written in 1961 that a meeting of the Indian Wildlife Board was held in Ootacamund. The names of Sarus Crane, Brahminy Kite, Bustard, and Swan were also discussed in this meeting. But among all these, Peacock’s name was chosen. In fact, according to the guidelines made for this, to be declared a national bird, it is necessary for that bird to be present in all parts of the country.

Apart from this, the common man can recognize it and it can also be depicted in any government publication. Apart from this it should completely be a part of Indian culture and tradition. After this, peacock was declared the national bird of India on 26 January 1963 because it is a symbol of elegance and beauty.

Laws made in the interest of the national bird

Let us tell you that laws are made for the protection of every national symbol. So that no national symbol is harmed or harmed. Similarly, some strict rules have also been made for the safety of peacocks. Actually, cases of killing and hunting of animals and birds are registered under Section 9/91 of Wildlife Protection. Apart from this, peacock is protected under Section 51 (1-A) of the Wildlife Protection Act.

In which killing or hunting peacock is a legal offence. If any person does this then he will be punished. Let us tell you that under this law, if a person kills a peacock, he can be jailed for at least 7 years. Apart from this, there are strict restrictions on keeping peacocks, no person can keep peacocks in his house.

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