When Milk Comes From Breast Without Pregnancy, What Is Means?

When Milk Comes From Breast Without Pregnancy – Women have milk ducts in their breasts, these are also called milk ducts. There is liquid discharge from them during the last days of pregnancy, which is quite normal. But if this is happening to you even without pregnancy, then you should pay attention to it. After delivery, milk comes out from the breasts of women, but sometimes this happens in many women even without pregnancy, which should not be ignored. What can be the reasons for breast leaking even without pregnancy? Let us know about it –

When Milk Comes From Breast Without Pregnancy

It is normal to release milk from the breast after delivery. It is a matter of concern when a woman, even if she is not pregnant, starts releasing milk from her breasts without giving birth to a child. This problem is seen in about 20% of women.

However, this problem sometimes occurs even after menopause. This is not a serious disease, but it can definitely be a sign of some problem. In medical term it is called galactorrhea.

The biggest sign of galactorrhea is the flow of milk from both the breasts, but apart from this, many other symptoms can also be seen, such as – enlargement of breast tissue, periods not coming on time, disinterest in sex, nervousness, acne. Rapid hair fall, headache, difficulty in vision.

Additionally excess prolactin can cause underproduction of breast milk in women who are not pregnant or breastfeeding. Too much prolactin in women can cause menstrual problems and infertility.

Reason for milk flow without pregnancy

Without pregnancy, milk coming out from the breast or clear liquid coming out is not at all normal, you need to pay attention to its reasons.

It can happen for many reasons. This also happens due to hormonal imbalance. Breast leaks can also occur due to excess prolactin in women’s body. Due to this, there can be discharge from the breast even without pregnancy and breastfeeding. The effect of high prolactin is seen on the periods and fertility of women.

This can also happen to you due to some kind of swelling in the breast tissues or due to side effects of medicines.

Thyroid problem can also be the reason behind breast leaking.

This can also happen to you due to formation of cyst in the breast. In this condition, sometimes green or yellow discharge also occurs.

If you are going through hormonal imbalance, and are taking any medicine to balance it, this can also happen.

This can also be possible due to being sexually active and being under stress.

Some women have this problem even during menopause.

A hormone called prolactin also causes milk production in the breasts. Hormonal disturbances can also be caused by medication, tumors, or excessive manipulation of the nipples.

Get this test done for this

  • Hormonal test
  • Pregnancy test
  • Mammogram or sonography to examine breast tissue
  • MRI to examine the brain

Take care of these things

It is important to start treatment once the cause is known. Also keep some things in mind like avoid wearing tight clothes or bra. Avoid excessive teasing of the nipple. Be stress free. If the problem is due to disturbance in hormones, then it is cured with medicines.

If instead of white milk, sticky fluid, yellow or some cloudy fluid mixed with blood comes out from the breasts, then contact the doctor immediately, because these can be symptoms of breast cancer.

Note – If any of you see these signs, do not ignore them at all. Although this problem is not a disease, it can definitely cause many serious diseases. In such a situation, if these symptoms appear, consult a doctor immediately.

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