Who Is National Water Animal Of India (Which Is The National Aquatic Animal Of India)

What Is The National Aquatic Animal Of India – Just as there are national animals, birds and flowers of India, similarly there is also a national aquatic animal of India, about which we are going to give you information today in this article. So let us know –

What Is The National Aquatic Animal Of India (Which Is The National Aquatic Animal Of India)

The national aquatic animal of India is the Ganges dolphin. It can survive only in pure and sweet water. The Ganga dolphin was declared as the national aquatic animal in the year 2009. The scientific name of Ganga dolphin is Platanista gangetica. The Ganges dolphin was officially discovered in 1801.

Dolphin is a mammalian creature. Just as whale is a mammalian creature, similarly dolphin also comes in this category. They are warm blooded like us whereas fishes are cold blooded.

Dolphins breathe not through gills but through lungs like us. Instead of laying eggs, they give birth to children and feed them milk. Dolphin does not like to live alone, it generally likes to live in groups. There are 10 to 12 members in their group.

A major specialty of the dolphin is that it emits a vibrating sound which collides with anything and comes back to the dolphin. This lets the dolphin know how big the prey is and how close it is. Dolphins talk to each other through sounds and whistles.

Some fun facts about dolphins

Currently, there are 41 living species of dolphins on Earth. Of these, 37 are found in seas and 4 in rivers. Of all the animals, dolphins have the longest memory.

The lifespan of dolphins is 15 years, some species live even up to 50 years. Dolphins can hear 10 times more than humans, but they do not smell.

The smallest dolphin is 4 feet and the tallest dolphin is 32 feet. Dolphins have teeth but they never chew the food but swallow it directly.

The smallest dolphin is 40 kg and the largest dolphin is 9,000 kg. Dolphins can recognize themselves in mirrors.

Dolphin sleeps with one eye open. Dolphins can swim at a speed of 36km/hour whereas humans can swim at a maximum speed of only 8.6km/h.

When dolphins and whales are very happy, they start screaming. It sheds the top layer of its skin every 2 hours.

Dolphins do not drink sea water because it can make them sick or even kill them; they get their water supply from the food they eat. Dolphin 990ft in water. Can go to a depth of 20ft from water. Can jump up high.

If you find a dolphin out of the sea on a beach, do not try to send it back into the water. Because it does this to avoid drowning when sick.

The main food of dolphins is fish. Dolphin is a warm-blooded creature, it always has to maintain its body temperature at 36.6 degrees Celsius. Therefore it requires about 30 kg of food per day.

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