Vande Veeram – YouTube threatened to remove ‘Vande Veeram’

Vande Veeram – YouTube has threatened not to play the very first song of the company’s next film ‘Bastar The Naxal Story’, released on the YouTube channel of the film production company Sunshine Pictures, which made the film ‘The Kerala Story’. The film’s producer Vipul Shah has been informed about this by YouTube. The video is still available on Sunshine Pictures’ channel but no one at Sunshine Pictures knows how long this video will remain available there!

The song ‘Vande Veeram’, composed by lyricist Amarnath Jha and composer Bishakh Jyoti, was released on Monday at the Mukesh Patel Auditorium in Mumbai in front of all the women, girls, children and elderly people, those working in the police, whose families were affected by some or the other. The family lost their lives in a Naxalite attack. Seeing this song, the eyes of the family members of these martyrs became moist and a girl named Jessica started crying on the stage. But, now YouTube has warned the film making company Sunshine Pictures regarding this song. Watch this complete song here..

The lyrics of the song Vande Veeram from the film ‘Bastar The Naxal Story’ have been written by Amarnath Jha. Amarnath says, ‘This song is a touching sentiment of a mother and her son. No matter how many wars have been fought, no matter where people have died, only one son dies. And, whichever side the son dies, the one who suffers the most is the mother. If YouTube does not want to play the song which gives this global message, then there could be some other reason for it. The lyrics of this song or its filming cannot be the real reason for stopping this song.

At the launch of the song ‘Vande Veeram’, director of the film ‘Bastar The Naxal Story’, Sudipto Sen also mentioned the incident when a professor associated with Naxalites was arrested in Delhi and even before he was produced in the court, many global powers took notice of this arrest. Had become active against. It is being said that some institutions and foreign agencies that provide financial support to Naxalites are not comfortable with the misdeeds of Naxalites being exposed in the film ‘Bastar The Naxal Story’. Under a plan, messages are also being sent to YouTube regarding this song that its broadcast should be stopped.

An email sent in this regard to BCW Global, the agency that looks after the public relations work of Google’s Indian branch, has not yet received a reply. Information has also been sought from Google about what is their criteria for declaring the video of the song ‘Vande Veeram’ as violent and on what scale does it measure violence in teasers, trailers and songs of Indian films? Information has also been sought from YouTube’s parent company Google as to whether they have actually told the film makers to stop this video.

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