Can We Drink Coconut Water In Fever, And Is Coconut Water Good For Fever

Can We Drink Coconut Water In Fever – Fever completely breaks the body. During this time the weakness becomes so much that the whole body becomes lethargic and lifeless. Due to fever, body water also starts decreasing and along with this one does not feel like eating or drinking anything. Neither do I taste anything nor does my mind ask me to do anything at this time.

In case of fever, the patient is often advised to eat khichdi. According to the doctor, during fever, there is a deficiency of nutrients in the body, due to which only powerful things should be eaten during this period. So let us know can we drink coconut water during Fever –

Can We Drink Coconut Water In Fever, And Is Coconut Water Good For Fever

Yes, you can drink coconut water during fever, coconut water is good for fever. The body can be kept hydrated with coconut water. Drinking coconut water increases electrolytes in the body and is also beneficial for health. It is considered very good to consume it in case of fever.

Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water In Fever

1) Drinking coconut water helps in recovering from illness. Actually, due to the vitamins and minerals found in coconut water, it helps the body to recover faster from fever, hence coconut water should be drunk during this period.

2) Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium present in coconut water make your body strong from inside, which also strengthens the immune system.

3) Potassium present in it improves blood circulation in the body and oxygen circulates better in the body.

4) Consumption of coconut water in summer helps in dealing with many problems apart from fever, along with this the body also gets energy from inside.

5) Apart from this, coconut water is very beneficial for kidney diseases.

6) By drinking coconut water, body temperature can also become normal and you can recover from fever quickly.

7) Coconut water also proves to be very beneficial for your skin and hair. Many times the color of your skin becomes pale during fever, you must have seen this happening.

8) Coconut water can also help you sleep, helping you get a good sleep at night.

Method of use

1) In case of fever, you can drink coconut water in the morning or evening. This can provide a lot of relief to the body.

2) Apart from this, you can also drink coconut water with other fruit juices.

3) Many people also like to drink it (coconut water) as an energy drink. This gives you instant energy.

There are many benefits of drinking coconut water in fever, but if you have any other problem along with fever, then you should not consume it without doctor’s advice. Also, consuming too much coconut water can be harmful for you.

What to eat when you have fever

Khichdi – In case of fever, one should take as much liquid as possible. This is the reason why patients are advised to eat khichdi during this period. Khichdi is considered a complete diet, it provides protein from pulses and carbohydrates from rice. Not only this, the body also gets adequate amount of water from Khichdi.

Soup of green leafy vegetables – If soup made of green leafy vegetables is prepared and consumed during this period then it is very beneficial. By adding spices to it, its taste becomes better. Dietary fiber is found in good quantity in green leafy vegetables, it is rich in nutritious elements. Vegetable soup can also cure viral fever.

Fruits – Some people believe that fruits should be avoided during fever but it is not so. Whenever fever comes, immunity becomes weak. Eating fruits provides ample amount of Vitamin C, which boosts immunity and provides quick relief.

Chicken Soup – You can also drink this soup to give strength to the weakened body. Proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins are found in abundance in it. It fulfills the lack of water in the body and also helps in reducing the temperature. It flushes out the toxins easily. Sodium is found in it, which forms electrolytes.


Can we drink coconut water when we have fever?
Yes, you can drink coconut water when you have fever.

Which water should be drunk when there is fever?
You can drink coconut water in case of fever.

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